Beards, Beards, Beards……

For many years there has been a recurring discussion regarding the right of Pagans, and in particular Heathens, in the armed forces and other uniformed organisations to grow a Beard. Many misinformed groups argue that Heathens should be allowed exemptions from dress-code rules and uniform regulations with regards to facial hair on religious grounds. Sometimes … Read more

Commission on Religious Education Final Report (Sept 2018)

September 2018 saw what is potentially the biggest game changer in Religious Education in a generation, with the publication of the Final Report by the Commission for Religious Education (CoRE). As well as making sweeping and significant recommendations for change, it also opens the door to the inclusion of Pagan religions in the school curriculum. … Read more

Virtual magic and Zooming to the Sabbat

Witches and Pagans turn to IT for a virtual Halloween 2020 In October 2020, in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of British Witches celebrated  Halloween in new and different ways to their usual traditions. More accurately, they celebrated their sacred festival of Samhain, so named in an act of reclaiming roots more … Read more

Interfaith During Covid-19: A Personal View

It may be a little premature to cast an eye over what is continuing to be a difficult and uncertain year. The pandemic has irrevocably changed the face of human civilization, including how we practice either our faith or spiritual path. Physical meetings have moved mostly online to facilitate safe attendance at faith based meetings … Read more

Pagan Weddings? Maybe?

The long awaited consultation paper from The Law Commission on weddings laws has been released today. Here we take a look at what their proposals are, what that means in practise for our community and how we can have our say in the final paper that will be presented to the government. Today, The Law … Read more

Caretaking our Sacred Spaces

A few weeks ago, I was sad to be told about an occurrence at the Shrine on Cocidius at Yardhope in Northumberland, in which someone had buried an offering, presumed to be Pagan, before the effigy of the god. I am by nature an optimist who likes to think that there is good in most … Read more