Environmental Policy

The Pagan Federation (PF) recognises that good environmental management is an essential part of overall good practice and the backbone of our nature-based beliefs. The Pagan Federation will strive to adopt the highest available environmental standards in all its areas of operation.

We will focus on continual improvement through this policy and implementation of it both within our organisation and when interacting with individuals and organisations outside of the PF with the main aim of becoming a zero carbon and zero waste organisation.

This policy will be available to:

  • The public and organisations outside of the PF on our website
  • Our own officers stored in our cloud storage
  • New PF officers during their induction training

We commit to:

  • Reducing waste in all areas of activity through reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Offering recycling facilities at all of our own events and extending advice to organisers of events we attend as a contributor to enable them to adopt a similar policy
  • Give preference to venues that use or produce sustainable energy
  • Strongly discourage single use items, particularly if they are made of plastic, at all our events and conferences. Where this is unavoidable, we will strive to ensure any products we use are sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable
  • Champion sustainable/Fairtrade/locally sourced refreshments at our events and conferences in order to support sustainable, smaller businesses and minimise our transportation carbon footprint
  • Encouraging the use of virtual conferencing software for internal meetings to reduce transport. Where this is unavoidable, we promote the use of public transport and car sharing
  • Compliance with all environmental legislation and policy and where possible exceed minimum requirements
  • Strive to ensure our products, promotions and services are ethically produced, locally sourced and as environmentally aware as is possible
  • To make available all our newsletters, information leaflets and magazines in accessible digital formats
  • Offer educational resources to foster and encourage good practice at sacred sites
  • Partner with relevant environmental organisations to promote awareness of current issues and specific campaigns

Review and updating of this policy

This policy will be reviewed at least annually, and the next review date will be 1st October 2021.

Things that could trigger early review include:

  • Changes in environmental law
  • Changes in scientific knowledge in any of the relevant subjects to environmental management and sustainability

Responsible person For any questions or advice on the remit of this policy should be directed to:
Environmental Policy Officer – Anne Edward