50th Anniversary – Samhain Storytime

Some of our community’s best storytellers helped us to honour our ancestors this Samhain with our Storytime event.

We also ran a story writing workshop and other activities……

Our first story was brought to us by Jade Moon – The Crone of Cordoba…..

Our storytelling workshop was led by South West District Manager and event organiser, Anna Twort…..

One of our lovely Disabilities Team Liaisons wrote us a fabulous Samhain story. You can read it here:

Please welcome John Rivers and The Highwayman, a Ghostly Tale…..

Nic Gibson from our South West District told us the Story of Samhain…..

Then we told some stories ourselves…..

Then we were treated to some poetry……

Next up, presented by Nick O’Connor – here’s the story of The Dwergl…..

Here we have Two Tales with a Twist from Gerry at Bards Aloud…..

Kevin Groves tells us the story of Date Night from Inky’s Mystery Files…..

Stephen B. Pearl is a multiply published award-winning author whose works range from Pagan friendly to Pagan centric. His writings also encompass the speculative fiction genera from Science Fiction to Historical fantasy and all points in between. He tends to use real-world locations in his works when they are suited to the action. His Paranormal Romance Adventure, Worlds Apart, is set in Derbyshire, England, as an example. For the festival, he read Chapter One for us from his book Nukekubi and you can find all his info in the video description…..

Our last contribution for the day was from our South West District Manager, Anna Twort….

And thank you and good night from Sarah…..

What a great day! Thank you for watching, you can still catch the whole event on Facebook here

For any enquiries about this or any of our other 50th events, please email us on 50events@paganfederation.co.uk