Census 2021 – Results

We at the Pagan Federation welcome the publication of the latest census figures from the ONS which gives us a clearer picture of the rich diversity of faiths and beliefs in England and Wales.    It’s worth keeping in mind while we’re looking at these figures that whilst the census numbers are useful, they never tell … Read more

Attending a Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving

Today – 18th September 2022 – I was privileged to be invited by the Bishop of Leicester, to a Thanksgiving ceremony in remembrance of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, at the Church of St James the Greater, of which I gladly attended.  I was asked to represent all the Pagan faiths in Leicester and … Read more

National Moment of Reflection

It is with a deep sense of pride and gratitude that we took part in a National Moment of Reflection to mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and reflect on her life and legacy, which took place at 8pm on Sunday 18 September, the night before the State Funeral, marked by a … Read more

Pagan Dawn Volunteer Vacancy: Designer Needed

Pagan Dawn is the house magazine of the Pagan Federation, with a wide range of news and articles about Paganism and related topics intended to both inform and support our readers. It is published four times a year and produced entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers under the guidance of our Editor Aurora Sothis. … Read more

A Message on the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our Queen, Elizabeth II. Her strength, commitment and honour have been an inspiration and comfort to many during her 70 years on the throne and she will be greatly missed not just here in the UK, but across the world. We send our condolences and … Read more

The PFPM Writing Ministry for Prisoners

The Pagan Federation Prison Ministry (PFPM) is committed to serving the needs of prisoners by providing spiritual and pastoral care with regards to and in respect of their own personal journey of discovery.  However, we appreciate not everyone has access to a Prison Pagan Chaplain, so we offer this additional service to all Pagan prisoners. … Read more

On the Subject of Clooties…..

As the Pagan Federation environmental policy officer, I’m sure you can imagine I am very passionate about all things green.  I have a deep seated belief that as Pagans we must do everything we can to protect Mother Earth and all her creatures.  It was in this regard I joined the clootie debate.  I wish … Read more

How you can support the Green Heart campaign from the Climate Coalition

Climate change doesn’t care about our differences, and that’s why people here in the UK and across the world are putting them aside and doing what they can to tackle climate change and protect what we love. In February 2022, The climate coalition are asking us all to send a Green heart to our MP to … Read more