The Pagan Federation operates at both national and local levels as well as being a European and worldwide organisation.

There are 10 Districts covering the countries of England and Wales, and most hold District Conferences, go to Moots, and other Social Events. In addition to this, there are also Open Rituals, Talks, and other activities that help Pagans in the district get to know each other and themselves.

Each District is headed by a District Manager, who is assisted by a number of Regional Co-ordinators. The Regional Co-ordinators are often the first contact many people have with the PF, and can normally assist in most things Pagan.

As you can imagine, the personality of the District Manager and the Regional Co-ordinator combined give each District and Region a different character. To find out more about the area you live in, or to find out about one you intend to visit, select from menu option Federation | Districts |

There is also the Pagan Federation International (PFI) that operates in Europe, The Americas, and Australia, with various official PF International sites listed on the main site for PF International.

This section contains information on all districts and how to find one near you. You may also use the links that appear in the left hand navigation bar to go directly to the district listings. Alternatively you may use our postcode list, helpfully provided by Pat Pitts of the PF, to identify the district you live in.

Please Note: We are aware that there are a number of organisations elsewhere that also call themselves The Pagan Federation, however only those listed here and on the PF International site are officially part of the PF. Any others are in no way sanctioned nor are they approved of by the PF.