Interfaith activity brings followers of different religious tradition together to learn about one another, to discuss differences and similarities, to explore ways in which we can live and work together in peace and with understanding of one another and to work together for a better world for all.

We live in a world where it is easy to make assumptions about those who are different to us in one way or another. Our media exposes us to polarised views of different groups and communities, such that our own views of those groups and communities could be shaped to believe the polarised view is the accurate one. By speaking with, and working with ‘the other’, we may discover that we have been misinformed. We discover that there is more that we share in common as humans existing on the same planet, than that divides us. We discover that what divides us should not be a source of fear or anger. We may discover that disagreement in our worldviews need not be a point for conflict, but a point where we might learn about the foundations of those disagreements and learn to respect an alternative worldview. Indeed, interfaith does not work well if your sole focus is that of teaching the other. Interfaith involves at least as much listening and learning as it does speaking and teaching.

Pagan Federation officers have been involved in local and national interfaith for many, many years. As an organisation, we are dedicated to the task of promoting dialogue between different faith groups and communities. In 2014, the Pagan Federation became a member of the Interfaith Network for the UK (IFN) under the member category of National Faith bodies, and have taken an active role in supporting the work of the IFN. We were pleased to see our friends at The Druid Network became members at the same time. Membership of the Interfaith network has led to even greater opportunities for Pagans to join the interfaith conversation and in wider maters of concern to faith and belief communities.

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Interfaith Network for the UK (IFN)