East Anglia

Pagan Federation East Anglia is a large geographical area stretching from Lincolnshire to Essex, taking in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk along its way. The district is ably managed by Barry Bartholomew and there a regional coordinator in each county.

We have a Facebook Group that contains information on local moots in the “files” section.

Robin Herne is the Deputy District Manager and also acts as Regional Coordinator for Ipswich, Colchester and the surrounding parts of Suffolk and Essex. He has been a member of the PF for about three decades and is a druid with a strong interest in the polytheist religions found in Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. He is also a point of contact for Leaping Hare.

Each regional coordinator is responsible for making contact with PF members in their area. Our regional coordinators are proactive in spreading awareness and advocacy across their regions, from appearances on local and national media, to acting as chaplains and faith advisers.

District attractions

While there aren’t many stone circles in the district, our region has an extensive coastline and is crossed by many ancient ley lines. There are a number of sacred pre Christian and other sites, including:

  • The village of Warboys – which held the most infamous of the witch trials, and whose clock tower still bears a witch weather vane.
  • Colchester Castle has a memorial to the witches of Essex in its grounds.
  • The Gog Magog Hills – Named after ancient giants and falling directly on the St. Michaels ley line.
  • Bartlow barrows believed to be four of the largest barrows in Europe.
  • Grimes Graves – neolithic flint mining complex.
  • Sutton Hoo – The site of two early medieval cemeteries that date from the 6th to 7th centuries.
  • West Stow Anglo Saxon village near Bury St Edmunds.
  • Seahenge at Kings Lynn museum.
  • Royston Cave – an underground bell-shaped chamber cut into the chalk bedrock completely covered in carvings believed to be used by The Knights Templar.

District Events

The district has a thriving pagan scene with thirty or more moots, each with their own ‘feel’. Whether a few friends meeting in a pub or a larger group converging in a public library, they are all extremely welcoming of newcomers. Almost all of these moots have embraced digital conferencing platforms to embrace our changing situation and not just carry on, but thrive in the post-covid world. Most if not all have Facebook pages that can easily be found, or the regional coordinator can help.

Alongside the moots and their associated picnics, wassails and camps, we have a history of larger events such as the Ely Pagan Fayre and Leaping Hare in Colchester. It is hoped that these will resume once safe to do so.

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