The Pagan Federation has existed since 1971 as an unincorporated association, with members, a constitution, and officers.

A decision was taken in August 2000, before the involvement of anyone currently on our Committee, to set up a company limited by guarantee, called Pagan Federation and having its own memorandum and articles, and transfer to it whatever assets there were at the time. The company has carried on since then on the understanding that its only members are the directors, and the directors are those current or recent Committee members who have consented to be appointed. There were also representatives from The Pagan Federation in Scotland before both they and Pagan Federation Ireland became completely separate from us in 2016.

One advantage of this arrangement is that although there are circumstances under which a limited company can be required to disclose who its members are, this does not apply to an unincorporated association. The directors see their primary duty as providing support to the unincorporated association, and receive no remuneration other than reasonable expenses actually incurred.

All trading activities are carried out by the limited company. The membership offered on this website and elsewhere is of the unincorporated association not the limited company.

Pagan Federation is registered at Companies House with the following objects, which can be found in the Memorandum and Articles.

  • To provide services for Pagans in the UK and abroad including networking, contacts with Pagan groups and individuals, publications, events and products.
  • To provide information about Paganism to the public and all interested bodies.
  • To educate the public about Pagan beliefs and traditions.
  • To provide access to Pagan celebrations.
  • To provide pastoral care for Pagans in the community, including those in hospitals and prisons, and to act as a liaison and coordinating body between Paganism and the authorities.