Contributors: Rebecca Beattie

Rebecca Beattie is the author of Nature Mystics: The Literary Gateway to Modern Paganism, and three other books of Pagan inspired fiction. A regular contributor to Pagan Dawn and a blogger at Moon Books, she is a PhD candidate at Middlesex University, and a practicing Pagan. Rebecca’s website: Nature Mystics: Twentieth Century Woodland … Read more

Online Festival: Autumn Equinox 2016

This time our theme is Love. There has been so many trials this year that we thought we needed to take time to reconnect and remind each other what Love can do. Playlist: Facebook event:

Meet the President – Autumn 2016

Robin Taylor, our new President, talks from Hove Park about his Pagan path and his aims for his term of office. 27 minutes 56 seconds Vimeo link Roselle Angwin’s book mentioned: Riding the Dragon: Myth and the Inner Journey Pagan Consent Culture: Code of Conduct: Contact our President