The Pagan Federation offers an advocacy service to both members and non-members. An Advocate is someone who assists you in expressing your views and wishes, and helps you stand up for your rights.

Historically Pagans have experienced discrimination from public organisations, including the police and social services. There were parents who lost their children to the care system due to the ignorance and misinformation surrounding Paganism.

Fortunately, those times are behind us, however Pagans are still facing discrimination in family proceedings, usually because the other party has raised it as a concern. Our most recent success was having our details passed to every CAFCASS Diversity and Inclusion Officer nationwide, which will help clear up any misunderstandings within the family court environment swiftly.

The Pagan Federation can assist any Pagan experiencing discrimination because of their faith. This can be within legal proceedings, schools, the police, the local authority or any other scenario where faith is used against a person.

You can also contact our Advocacy Officer if you have a complaint about the Pagan Federation or one of it’s Officers using the form below.

Our Advocacy Officer is Emma Hoole, a Family Lawyer living in Lincolnshire. Emma can be contacted using the form below.