A Message on the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our Queen, Elizabeth II. Her strength, commitment and honour have been an inspiration and comfort to many during her 70 years on the throne and she will be greatly missed not just here in the UK, but across the world. We send our condolences and … Read more

The PFPM Writing Ministry for Prisoners

The Pagan Federation Prison Ministry (PFPM) is committed to serving the needs of prisoners by providing spiritual and pastoral care with regards to and in respect of their own personal journey of discovery.  However, we appreciate not everyone has access to a Prison Pagan Chaplain, so we offer this additional service to all Pagan prisoners. … Read more

On the Subject of Clooties…..

As the Pagan Federation environmental policy officer, I’m sure you can imagine I am very passionate about all things green.  I have a deep seated belief that as Pagans we must do everything we can to protect Mother Earth and all her creatures.  It was in this regard I joined the clootie debate.  I wish … Read more

How you can support the Green Heart campaign from the Climate Coalition

Climate change doesn’t care about our differences, and that’s why people here in the UK and across the world are putting them aside and doing what they can to tackle climate change and protect what we love. In February 2022, The climate coalition are asking us all to send a Green heart to our MP to … Read more

Parliament of World Religions October 2021

With many events moving online over this last year, I was able to attend and participate in the Parliament of World Religions last month. As one of the largest Interfaith events in the world, the parliament is an opportunity to connect with people of many different faiths, beliefs and traditions as well as to learn … Read more

Samhain Poetry

Toast to the Ancestors The ancestors have trod the pathsour feet are treading now.They’ve known the sameecstatic joys,wept with self-same sighs.Heed their softly whispered words,knowledge from the wise.Hear it in the sighing of the treesblowing in the breeze,in the patter of raindrops falling.Hear it calling. To those who came before us,and those who came before … Read more

This Samhain Night

The Ford Fiesta pulled into the car park, its colour indefinable in the deepening twilight. The doors opened, spewing its contents onto the skittering gravel underfoot. ‘Come on Sarah, we need to get all this stuff out of the boot, and the others are waiting.’ Two supermarket bags clinked heavily to the ground. Sarah pulled … Read more

Big Green Competition

EXCITING NEWS for all you clever people For the BIG GREEN week, we are running a BIG GREEN competition. We would like you to make something using materials that you would normally throw away.  So can you make a piece of artwork using scrap materials, old plastic, paper or card.  A mosaic from your broken … Read more