Online access to Pagan Dawn

Pagan Dawn online is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and on the Exact Editions website.

It is FREE for Pagan Federation (PF) Members and members from Scotland, Ireland, and Pagan Federation International (PFI) who subscribe to the print edition of Pagan Dawn as part of their membership of those sister organisations.

You can read every issue of Pagan Dawn published from 2013 onwards, not just the ones published while you are a member. Unfortunately we are not able to upload issues from 2012 or earlier for copyright reasons.

Full instructions on how to register for the app and all the download links can be found on the website for Exact Editions (our publisher for the electronic edition). Here is the page you need:

Select Pagan Dawn in the drop down menu and it will take you to the registration page where you register with an email and password. The code it asks for is your full membership number with the first three letters of your surname. So if your surname is Smith and your membership number is F12345, then the code will be F12345SMI. Note that if your surname is O’Reilly it would be F12345O’R not F12345ORE.

Similarly, if you are a member from Scotland and your surname is McSporran then your code would be SF12345MCS.

When you log into the relevant iOS or Android app with your email and password for Exact Editions, all the issues will appear. You can also read them directly on the Exact Editions website.

Exact Editions have help pages for Apple (iOS) and Android users.

Apple (iOS):