50th Anniversary – Opening Ceremony

50th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Beltane 2021

Our opening ceremony took place 50 years to the day of the official ratification of the PF.

Our President, Sarah Kerr opened proceedings…….

And then we presented our yearly Community Award to the winner as voted for by the public……

We took some time to talk about our PF stories……

We took a trip back to our 45th Anniversary when our then President, Mike Stygal, talked about our achievements up to that point in time…..

Then Sarah updated us on what had happened during the five years that have passed since…….

We were joined by Emlyn Price from The Doreen Valiente Foundation for our Opening Ritual……

You can download a copy of our ritual here

And we finished the day with an amazing live set from The Cilia’s…….

All in all, a fabulous start to our 50th celebrations!

You can still view the Facebook event here

For any enquiries about this or any of our other 50th events, please email us on 50events@paganfederation.co.uk