50th Anniversary Celebrations

Hail and welcome to our 50th Anniversary celebrations! Here is where you’ll be able to find details of all our events over the coming year from the opening ritual to the final party.

We’ve come a long way since our small beginnings back in 1971…….

The seeds were planted for the Pagan Federation we all know today back in 1968 when a small newsletter called “The Wiccan” began. It all started to keep a small group of Gardnerians in touch but quickly grew as it became clear there were more people in need of this kind of publication and they weren’t just Gardnerians.

By 1970 the group were working in earnest to campaign successfully against the introduction of an anti-witchcraft bill introduced by MP Gwilym Roberts.

It was decided that more needed to be done than this and so the Pagan Front was announced in September 1970, then ratified officially at Beltane 1971 with a ritual written by Doreen herself.

Its earliest activities were campaigning in favour of freedom of religion and against the persecution of minorities as well as running a contact service for Pagans to find like minded people and encouraging those who wanted to, to run PF groups of their own in their local areas.

Membership was then, and still is, open to Pagans of all kinds “whatever their occult commitments may be (or none)” for as Doreen said in her opening speech:

“Unity is strength and I welcome the fraternal unity of all sincere people who follow the pagan path. We may not always agree with each other, but we must support each other in our struggle for our right to follow the religion and lifestyle of our choice in the modern world.”

Words we still hold to today as we continue the work our founders began 50 years ago.

50th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Beltane 2021

Opening Ceremony -1st May 2021
Our opening ceremony took place 50 years to the day of the official ratification of the PF.

You can find the content from the day in a couple of places.

The event link for Facebook is here

You can watch the whole playlist on our YouTube channel here

You can download your own copy of the ritual here.

PF International host Round the Midsummer Fire (Verhalen rond het seizoensvuur: Midzomer)13th June 2021

You can view the whole event below!

Academic Conference – 24th July 2021

Our Academic Conference will have talks from some of our community’s greatest academics including Kristopher Hughes, Olivia Kinsman, Jennifer Uzzell, Jonathan Wooley and Ashley Mortimer.

The Facebook event is here

You can see the whole event playlist on our YouTube Channel below…..

50th Anniversary District Celebration

District Celebration – 18th September 2021

Districts were one of the first parts of our national structure with groups across the UK being encouraged to set up right from the beginning of the PF.

Join us as we celebrate their excellent work in supporting our community with an online showcase of all their brilliance.

Here’s the link to the Facebook event and as usual, you’ll be able to view all the content on our YouTube channel


Samhain Storytime – 30th October 2021

**Please note, this event was originally to be held on 23rd October but has had to be delayed by a week due to circumstances out of our control**

Some of our community’s best storytellers will be here to help us honour our ancestors this Samhain with our Storytime event.

We’ll also be running a story writing workshop and other activities.

All the videos from the day will be available on our YouTube channel which we’ll post here on the day.

They’ll also be available through the event on Facebook

Yule Festival – 18th December 2021

Our Community Support Team always run a fabulous Yule festival and this year will be no different.

Join us for some magical Yuletide festivities!

Community Cohesion – 5th February 2022

We have the privilege to work alongside some brilliant community organisations and groups. We invite them all to come along and talk to us about their work within our community and how we can work together for the benefit of our community in the future.

If you’re involved with any Pagan organisation or group and would like to take part in this event, please contact our President using the contact form here

Pagan Pride with Scottish PF – 19th March 2022

Join us online as we collaborate with our Scottish brethren to celebrate all things Pagan.


More event details to come soon!

Pagan Arts Festival and Community Awards Ceremony

We were determined to have at least one face to face event in this year’s programme and this is it. Our final event promises to be an extravaganza of the talent and brilliance that exists within our community.

To be held at the Kala Sangam Arts Centre in Bradford on 23rd April 2022. More details to come soon.

We’re looking for artists, writers, poets, performers – basically anyone who wants to showcase their creative work – and stallholders for a market place. If you would like to express your interest in taking a space at this event, whether a creative display or to hold a stall, please contact us here