Samhain Poetry

Toast to the Ancestors The ancestors have trod the pathsour feet are treading now.They’ve known the sameecstatic joys,wept with self-same sighs.Heed their softly whispered words,knowledge from the wise.Hear it in the sighing of the treesblowing in the breeze,in the patter of raindrops falling.Hear it calling. To those who came before us,and those who came before … Read more

This Samhain Night

The Ford Fiesta pulled into the car park, its colour indefinable in the deepening twilight. The doors opened, spewing its contents onto the skittering gravel underfoot. ‘Come on Sarah, we need to get all this stuff out of the boot, and the others are waiting.’ Two supermarket bags clinked heavily to the ground. Sarah pulled … Read more

Delays to Pagan Dawn for Samhain

For reasons beyond our control there has been a delay in the distribution of the Samhain edition of Pagan Dawn. We are currently hoping, but not guaranteeing, to get it to as many of you as possible by the weekend.