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The East Midlands District is comprised of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire/Rutland. Each of these regions has it’s own Regional Coordinator.

District Information:

We are a large district, with many rural areas. The majority of our events are open to non-members and the emphasis in this district is upon networking – putting Pagans in touch with one another.

The East Midlands is probably best known for its Robin Hood connections and, indeed, there are many associated sites to visit. Here are other places of interest for visiting Pagans.


Oxton Camp – Iron Age hillfort.

There is a standing stone in Bramcote Park.

Cresswell Crags are palaeolithic caves, with cave art in some of them.

Bottesford Church contains the ‘Witchcraft Tomb’.

Wellow has one of the few permanent maypoles in the country and holds a traditional May celebration on Spring Bank Holiday Monday.

Southwell Minster has a chapter house full of Green Men.

Gotham(remember the tale of the Three Wise Men?) is in Notts.


Honington Camp is an Iron Age fort.

The Cathedral has a few Green Men and the famous Lincoln Imp.


There is a turf maze at Wing, on the southern edge of Rutland Water – only 8 remain, in Britain.


Borrough Hill is a magnificent Iron Age hillfort.

Breedon Church is Saxon and stands on an Iron Age hillfort – very atmospheric!

The Hallaton Hare Pie Scramble and Bottle Kicking takes place on Easter Monday.


A Pagan’s dream! Full of Bronze Age burial grounds, stone circles, cairns and tumuli.

Stanton Moor – around 70 cairns and stone circles. The best known is the Nine Ladies, currently threatened by quarrying proposals – Eco-warriors are at the site.

The Nine Stones, on Harthill Moor. Only four of them – thought to be the remains of a burial chamber.

Arbor Low. A recumbent circle of around 50 stones, with four in the centre. Has a Bronze Age tumulus on one edge and Gib Hill (another Bronze Age tumulus) is yards away.

Wet Withens is a circle on Eyam Moor (Eyam is famous as the ‘Plague Village’ – well worth a visit).

The three Barbrook Circles are on East Moor, near Baslow. The area also has cairns.

Well-dressing goes on in many villages – Tissington is probably the best known. Lovely place, with several wells.

Cromford has a wonderful old bookshop, called Scarthins. Books from floor to ceiling, with veggie cafe upstairs.

Matlock Bath has a Museum of Mining – the area is well known for it’s ores and minerals. There is a petrifying well there, too.

Castleton – caves (notably the Blue John mine) and, of course, the famous Garland Ceremony on May 29th.

Ashbourne has it’s Shrove Tuesday Football.

District & Folk Events:

‘Open’ rituals are held in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, Nottingham has the Empyrean Pagan Group (meets monthly, with guest speakers) and Lincolnshire has a branch of the Gateway Trust (organises local pilgrimages, etc.) We also host occasional picnics and camps.

The major event of the year is our annual District Conference, which moves around the district from year to year.

We also produce a quarterly newsletter, called Phoenix, for members in the district.

District Moots:

Come along and meet fellow like-minded people, in an informal atmosphere. Remember – there are no such things as strangers – only friends you haven’t yet met!

See District web site or our Facebook group for details of available Moots