Sarah Kerr
PF President & Deputy Treasurer

Sarah is a healer, witch and is what many would call an eclectic follower of several Pagan paths. She currently brings her experience and knowledge to a handful of roles within the Pagan Federation including as President, Safeguarding Lead & Deputy Treasurer.

Sarah believes deeply that everyone should be able to practice their faith, whatever that is, without prejudice no matter what their path, age, race, gender, sexuality or life circumstances be.

Married with four children, she runs her own healing studio from her home in Derbyshire alongside her volunteer work.

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Krys Holmes
Vice President, Volunteer and Training Officer & Children and Families Manager

I’m Krys and I wear a few hats within Pagan Federation.  On a local level I’m the Deputy District Manager for the North East as well as the Families liaison and local coordinator for Wakefield. On a national level I’m Vice President, the Volunteer and Training Officer and National Children and Families Manager.

I was brought up in the Christian faith but there were always elements that didn’t quite sit right with me, then at University I discovered Paganism and suddenly everything I believed fell into place.  Since then I got very involved with the local Pagan community; I run the local moot and am on the local interfaith committee representing Pagans; I also have PF stalls at local events and festivals.  My path is eclectic but I have a particular connection with Lilith.  You will often find me down the allotment or in my craft room; my day job is making metal and gemstone jewellery as well as crochet bits and bobs.  More recently I became a parent and have all the joys (and sleepless nights) associated with it; I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Keith Tovey
General Secretary & IT Officer

Keith has been on PF Committee in one role or another for a very long time. Keith is a Witch of various traditions.

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Currently Vacant

If you are a PF Member, have experience in a treasurer role and would like to join us on committee to help further the aims of the Pagan Federation, please contact Sarah Kerr, President for more information on the link above.

Communication Officer
Currently Vacant

    If you are a PF Member, have experience in communications and would like to join us on committee to help further the aims of the Pagan Federation, please contact Sarah Kerr, President, for more information on the link above.

Sam Stoker
Community Support Officer (CSO)

I’ve been pagan since my early teens and live in the north east of England with my husband, young children, German shepherd dog, six cats, and chickens. 

I write and copy edit for Pagans of the North magazine and have a particular interest in decolonising practice, and avoiding closed practices and cultural appropriation. 

I love the outdoors and the natural world, am a long term vegan, and my interests include reading, gaming, drinking tea, folklore, and doomscrolling through my phone.

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Anna Twort
District Liaison Officer (DLO)

Anna is an Artists Model, Pagan Celebrant, Creator and Viking Age Reenacter. Living in Devon, close to Dartmoor and often found out in woodlands in her spare time. A practicing witch for over 30 years and an active member and organiser of inclusive Pagan moots and groups.

“I am an Eclectic, Hedge Witch, Hedgeryder, Heathen, Volva. I am ultimately me, no one word is enough.
I am studying the role of the Wise Woman within different cultures and times and try to live true to that role in this modern world while providing service to the Pagan Community”

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Emma Hoole
2nd Vice President & Advocacy Officer

Emma is our Advocacy Officer, Second Vice President and Safeguarding second. She has been volunteering for the Pagan Federation since 2015, starting out as a Local Coordinator. 

Emma’s path is Druid and eclectic witchcraft. She has been openly pagan for over ten years and often speaks at festivals and events. 

She is a family lawyer in her day job which has been beneficial to her advocacy role and lives in Lincolnshire with her husband, three children, three dogs and two horses. 

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Christine Elliott
Chaplaincy Officer

Krissy is our Chaplaincy Officer, offering guidance and support to Pagan Chaplains wherever they are needed including prisons, healthcare settings, education facilities and within the wider community.

Krissy describes herself as a priestess, leading a life of service to her Pagan community. She lives in Glastonbury with her 3 black cats, and contributes regularly to community celebrations in the town. She follows Norse deities and devotional practices, but her 35+years as a practising Pagan have seen her exploring many paths from Wicca to Shamanism, Reiki and Holistic Therapy, and she has been a member of a ceremonial magickal Order. Currently she is supporting a Wiccan initiatory coven who sadly lost their High Priestess in 2021, and runs a women’s spiritual group monthly at her home.

As part of her day job, Krissy is chair of a Paganism and Spirituality staff network in the Civil Service, and is also co-chair of a national cross-government Faith and Belief network. She has spoken at conferences and events about modernising initiatory Wicca to allow full inclusion for trans and non-binary people within covens, which have traditionally been based upon a binary model. She is completely passionate about equity and fair representation for all, and expects to be working for Pagan equality until her very last breath.

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Anne Edward
PF Environmental Policy Officer

My name is Anne Edward, I am old, 
retired and a widow.  I live in a market town in Suffolk.  I started my 
Pagan Federation ‘career’ probably over 10 years ago now. I began as being  the regional coordinator for Cambridgeshire. I moved house and my  coordinators role changed to Norfolk. I was next elected to the committee in  2018 as council representative to the committee. I have always been a keen environmentalist.  For many years I was an activist and during that time I went on many actions and met some really interesting people over the years  including Bob Geldoff, Bianca Jagger and Annie Lennox to name a few. During 2009/2010 I lived part time in a Protest camp and we WON.  Possibly the most interesting environmental job I did was a researcher for the Biscay Dolphin research project.

We recognise that good environmental management is an essential part of overall good practice and the backbone of our nature-based beliefs.

Great Mother Earth of the land, sea and  sky.
Let us protect and nurture you once again.
We ask that we are all able to work together in harmony with this common goal.
We ask that with our love, thoughts, deeds and actions.
We help to light the path of your healing for a better world.

Lee Smith
Council Representative to Committee

Hi, I’m Lee! I sit on the committee as a representative of the huge team of volunteers that make up the Pagan Federation. I am also the Regional Coordinator for Cambridgeshire and am a Pagan Faith Advisor to Anglia Ruskin University.

I joined the Pagan Federation team to campaign for equality. This is one of my core beliefs, and I was recently invited to speak to the Houses of Parliament on the subject.

I’m from a Wiccan background, and have been practicing in a coven and solitary for over two decades. I look for any excuse to be immersed deep in nature celebrating the elements. I run a architectural practice specialising in eco-design and sacred geometry.

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Sif Brookes
Council Representative to Committee

Hello! I am the National LGBTQIA+ Manager, and more applicably here, second Council Representative to the Committee (and one of the Copy Editors for Pagan Dawn). I am a Norse Heathen who predominantly worships Hel, Freyja, Sif, Skaði, Eir, Ran, Angrboða, Thor and the Valkyries. I am a co-host of the Heathen Wyrdos podcast, digital artist, as well as being a consultant and speaker for inclusive paganism and heathenry. I am particularly interested in historical seiðr, and the role of the Valkyrie in redefining how we see the Eddas and the greater sphere of Nordic literature. As well as having a noted obsession with pre-Christian Germanic beliefs around death and burial (which you may be able to tell from the choice of deities I predominantly worship).

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