New Year message from Vice-Presidents Krys and Sarah

As we close the door on 2019 to open the door on 2020, we wanted to take a little time to reflect on the events that have happened and the potential effects of those events for the future.

You will undoubtedly have noticed that there have been a lot of changes within the PF over this last year, just as there have been throughout our society.

We’ve lost some familiar faces to the Summerlands and we will miss every single one of them dearly for both their presence and their work within the Pagan community. We’ve lost others as they move on to follow other worthwhile pursuits and paths through life, though thankfully we can still largely enjoy their company and efforts. We’ve also worked through some tough issues and walked some difficult paths as we tried our hardest to make the best of what the PF is and what it offers to you. We’ve learned some hard lessons along the way and inevitably have taken some knocks.

In short, its been a tough year.

We’ve also been honoured to see new faces arrive, all of them keen to help and engage with what we do – which has led to teams evolving, connections working to their full potential and ideas blossoming into new ways of reaching out and supporting our members. We laid the foundations to move the PF forward into the future and we started some amazing projects that will help build on top of that groundwork to keep the PF standing tall for years to come.

In short, it’s also been an amazing year.

We’re now tasked with taking on those hard-earned lessons and tough-to-deal-with losses, and working through them with the brilliant people we have the good fortune to work with. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the beginnings of the PF, we are all super aware that whatever we do now, lays the foundations for the next 50 years of supporting all Pagans. We intend to do the task justice, starting with the endeavours we already have planned.

In short, we’re working now for the next 50 years and beyond, to keep the PF relevant, resilient and sustainable.

We know we can’t keep on doing that without all of you so………..

Thank you to all those amazing people and groups who have helped us in our work. Thank you also, to all the officers of the PF who keep on getting up and getting on with their contribution. The PF would not function without every single one of you giving us your time and energy in one way or another.

Finally, thank you to all who have confidence in us to carry on supporting you to the best of our ability. The PF could not continue without your support and your belief in us to keep on doing it.

Here’s to 2020 and all its potential.
Brightest blessings,
Krys and Sarah