Becoming a Pagan Prison Chaplain

There are very few opportunities for Pagans to turn their spiritual practices into a worthwhile vocation and it takes a certain type of person to work within the prison estate. We are looking for extra ordinary people who can be non-judgemental and are willing to look beyond the criminal record to recognise the seeker. To become a positive role model who can demonstrate  “healthy” relationships and function as a resource for those who in all likelihood have never been part of a community, let alone a Pagan one.

The PFPM Manager will be on hand for advice, guidance and through the processes, which can be quite daunting and arduous.  If necessary – and available – provide an experienced Pagan Chaplain in the area, to walk you through the complexities. However, as a probationer, the Multifaith Prison Chaplaincy teams are very accommodating and you will never be on your own. 

To be a Pagan Prison Chaplain, you must:

Apply for and complete an application and extensive questionnaire provided by the PFPM Manager (who is also the Pagan Faith Advisor to HMPPS)

You must be signed up for and able to abide by our Code of Conduct, Code of Practice and ethics.

Attend an interview either by phone, Zoom or in person with the PFPM Manager or designated representative.

Be a proven and continued member of the Pagan Federation as the endorsing body or other eligible grove/coven or group who are signed up with and represented by the Pagan Symposium.

Referenced or evidence-based training within the Pagan Community

Theologically competent and proficient in teaching eclectically across more than one Pagan Tradition.

Have an understanding and can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of Pagan practice.

Pagan Chaplains will be asked to provide written confirmation to the Faith Advisor attesting to the credentials, qualifications and accountability of each candidate. (This evidence will be required before appointment and thereafter periodically according to HMPPS vetting policy.)

Requirement for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In order to maintain endorsement by the Pagan Faith Advisor, all chaplains will be required to have regular contact with and unbroken membership of their endorsing body and the wider Pagan community. Engage with and demonstrate regular continuing reflection or training contributing towards their professional development as ministers. This will be recorded and assessed on an annual basis by the Pagan Faith Advisor.

I hope that this goes some way to answering your questions but if not, then you can email

BB  Helene Mobius
Pagan Federation Prison Ministry Manager
Pagan Faith Advisor to HMPPS