A new sub-committee to work on communications

Almost two years ago, the central committee set up a sub-committee to explore our internal communications and how they could be improved. We learned a lot from the results of that work, one of the things being that we also needed to look at how we communicated outside of the PF world with our members and wider community including the general public, with other organisations both Pagan and otherwise, with official institutions and finally, with the press and media.

Having learned that, the committee decided in the summer of last year that it was time to establish a sub-committee to do that work. Several of our officers volunteered to assist and it was agreed that the I, as the new President, would chair it and steer its explorations.

We have the following aims:

  • To identify our strengths and weaknesses
  • To identify strategies to overcome our weaknesses
  • To identify how we can maximise on our strengths and use those to move forward
  • To plan and implement a strategy that will allow us to communicate effectively with all key stakeholders that had been identified

We split the volunteers into three groups and got to work.

The first group is concentrating on improving communications with our members and the general public. They will focus on ensuring that we get much better at keeping our members informed of the work we’re doing, as well as improved local news and information and lastly, ensuring that we are meeting our organisational aim of promoting Paganism positively to the public.

The second group is focusing on communications with organisations, both Pagan and otherwise. This will help us to do better when it comes to providing a support network to our community in tandem with other organisations.

The last group will endeavour to work on relationships with the press and media both reactively to news items that appear in the press and proactively when it comes to informing the media about Paganism and the facts about our practices.

Our hope is that we will become a stronger and better represented organisation through this work and we ask that as we progress and request your feedback that you’ll engage and help us in our efforts.

Here’s to a brighter future!


Sarah Kerr
PF President