Introducing our new Environmental Policy Officer, Anne Edward…..

My name is Anne Edward, I am very old, retired and a widow.  I started my Pagan Federation ‘career’ probably 10 years ago now. I began by being the regional coordinator for Cambridge, I moved and my coordinators role changed to Norfolk.  I was elected to the committee 2 years ago as council representative.  I have always been a keen environmentalist.  For many years I was a Greenpeace activist and during that time I went on many actions and met some really interesting people over the years including Bob Geldoff, Bianca Jagger and Annie Lennox to name a few.   I also worked with the Friends of the Earth for a while.  Possibly the most interesting work I ever did was a researcher for the Biscay Dolphin research project.

At a recent committee meeting we came up with idea it was a bit mad not to have a environmental policy, as we recognise that good environmental management is an essential part of overall good practice and the backbone of our nature-based beliefs. I put one together quite quickly and it was adopted by council at the last AGM.  I was to be nominated and elected to the new role of environmental officer.  I hope, I serve you well and look forward to hearing from you.