Thoughts from our Environmental Officer….

I have been recently been appointed as the environmental officer. Which for me makes very exciting times ahead. I sincerely hope that we all think about our green credentials and we think about our how we can be greener. If we all make just one small change think about how much  collectively the difference it will make. Most of us these days live in towns or cities, so living in the country, growing our own food is just a dream. But no matter where we live we can choose to not buy plastic bottles and use water from a tap. Not use the car for short journeys, use public transport when possible. Shop locally and think about where the things you buy where grown or made. Turn the heating down a few degrees and wear a jumper. Mend your stuff that gets broken rather than replacing it. Think about the chemicals in your cleaning products and what you can use as a alternative instead.

There is a interesting discussion about electric cars at the moment, I wonder during the discussions whether or not they have considered apart from the lack of charging points at the moment between 60 and 65 percent of our electricity is made with fossil fuels. Are we just changing one issue for another? 

On that note I will leave you to ponder.

Anne Edward