Pagan Dawn

Pagan Dawn is the house magazine of the Pagan Federation, with a wide range of news and articles about Paganism and related topics intended to both inform and support our readers. It is published four times a year and produced entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers under the guidance of our Editor Aurora Sothis.

Receiving Pagan Dawn as a member

All our members receive the print edition of Pagan Dawn, and have access to the online edition published by Exact Editions.

To find out more about membership go to our membership page.

For those not living in England or Wales, we have arrangements with:

The Pagan Federation (Scotland)

Pagan Federation Ireland (for both Northern Ireland and the Republic)

Pagan Federation International (everywhere else)

under which their members can arrange to receive Pagan Dawn and have access to the online edition.

Subscribing to Pagan Dawn if you are not a member

You can subscribe to the printed edition of Pagan Dawn without becoming a member, either through our online shop or by cheque or standing order (instructions on our Products page). This option is available to libraries and other organisations as well as to individuals. Subscribers to the print edition do not receive access to the online edition, but an alternative online-only subscription is available directly from Exact Editions. This may also be of interest to those overseas.

Our History

The origins of Pagan Dawn go back to 1968 when a newsletter called the Wiccan was first produced to support and defend Pagans. The originator of the Wiccan was also involved in the founding of the Pagan Front in 1971, which became the Pagan Federation. The Wiccan became the house journal of the Pagan Federation, changing its name in 1993 to Pagan Dawn to make it clear that we support Pagan traditions as a whole. So we now have more than 50 years of history supporting and defending Pagans.


Our guidelines are:

– Articles should be around 650 (one page) or 1,100 (two pages) or 2,000 (three pages) words of spell-checked copy, all original work by the author who should hold the copyright.

– If you are not already in touch with the Editor, contact us first using the form at the foot of this page, giving a reliable email address where we can contact you. We only accept articles in electronic format.

– All submissions may be edited for style and brevity, and the Editor’s decision is final in all cases.

– All images should be in JPEG format, as close to the original file size as possible. If they are not the original work of the author, please clearly credit the photographer or copyright holder and assist us in obtaining their consent.

– We do not pay for submissions, but equally we do not ask you to assign the copyright of the content to us, just to license it for use in both the print and online editions. We retain copyright in the typesetting.

– If you provide us with a current postal address, we will send you a complimentary copy of the issue in which your work appears.

Books and music for review

We are very pleased to receive books and music for review in Pagan Dawn. Printed copies should be sent to:

Pagan Dawn Reviews, BM Box 7097 LONDON WC1N 3XX


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