Prison shop

Within our online shop there is a category PFPM for use by prison finance and chaplaincy departments only.

It is not intended to compete with small independent retailers and does not in any way imply exclusion of other suppliers; our aim is to enable easier access to and purchase of authorised ritual items for religious use by Pagan prisoners.

To purchase items in this category please set up a shop account using an email address recognisable as coming from a prison finance or chaplaincy department, and then submit that email for authorisation using the form below.

All ritual items on this site will be risk assessed for suitability and appropriate use in prison, and you may find the written information useful, giving a little background to the different applications of each.  You are welcome to download any relevant information that we supply to use as a reference.

We are a non profit organisation, we have kept the prices as low as possible. Postage and packing is included.

Any profit after handling and distribution costs will be applied to providing support to prisoners, either before or after release.

Submit your email below to apply for authorisation.