On the subject of litter…..

I was chatting to someone in the PF a few days ago.  They suggested once lockdown is over, we arrange a few litter picks perhaps in local beauty spots or beaches. 

This made me think, most of us are taking a daily walk for exercise, some with pets some without.  If everyone picked up just one or two pieces of litter, just think how much cleaner our beautiful land would be. I used doggy bags to pick up whatever and pop it in the nearest bin.   I am fortunate in living on a main road and most of the people keep their bins in the front garden, so I never have to go too far before I find a bin.  Saying that of course I don’t have to go too far before I see rubbish just thrown.  I was walking along the other day and someone dropped a can in front of me, I picked it up and said ‘excuse me, I think you have dropped something’ and handed it back to them.  A red faced young man muttered something and took it back and put it in the bin at the end of the pathway.  This doesn’t work with everyone, but it does sometimes.  Most of our local parks have bins in them, thus making it fairly straightforward.  You could even make it into a game for children, looking for different types of litter.  You need to think too about what you can recycle.  Lots of cans and bottles are just thrown and they can all be recycled in the appropriate bins.

So, remember just one piece can make a difference.  Litter destroys our environment and can be catastrophic for wildlife.

Written by Anne Edward, PF Environmental Officer