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Mid-West & Wales

Regional Contacts: District Manager - Mid-West and Wales
Patricia Pitts, 36 Marina Drive,
May Bank,
Newcastle underLyme,
ST5 0RS,
telephone 01782 863532

Regional Coordinator - Midwest
Ian Robinson, telephone 01785 227471

Regional Coordinator - Hereford and Worcester
Audrey Bailey and Richard Fox, telephone 0845 328 2307

Regional Coordinator - North Wales
Steve Ludford, telephone 01691 679 066

Regional Coordinator - South Wales
Bee, telephone 07906098284

District Website:
District Area: Mid West and Wales is a large District, varied in every sense of the word. The District encompasses South Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Hereford, Worcester and Wales.
District Information:

Our region is large and varied. It contains some of the most ancient rocks in the world and some of the greatest rivers of Britain - the Severn, Wye, Dee, and the headwaters of the Trent. Stone circles, pillars and hill-forts abound, especially in the western hills. There are many layers of Paganism in our region. The oldest recognisable layer is that of the 'beaker folk' - the Bronze / Iron age peoples. They left no written remains, but they have left a rich diversity of stone monuments too numerous to mention here. (Aubrey Burl's 'Stone Monuments of Great Britain', 1997, is an excellent introduction) Their use of metal aided them in this, as it did in their introduction of agriculture.

Next to arrive were the Celts from northern and central Europe. Like their kinsfolk the Gauls in what was to be France, they were ruled by Druids, masters of the magical and mystic arts, who were superior to the kings and chieftains.

The Celts were called 'teutones' by the Romans from which the word 'teuton' comes. It comes in turn from a Celtic word 'tuath' which means a 'people'. The Romans, Pagans of a Mediterranean kind, were tolerant of and indeed interested in Celtic Paganism. The Pagans could believe and do what they liked - providing that they accepted Roman authority. But the Druids of Anglesey repudiated that, rather unwisely. The Roman general Suetonius Plotinus - the first Roman leader to lead his army across the Atlas mountains - invaded Anglesey in 61 AD., faced up to the warrior army - which was mixed with priestesses in ceremonial dress, all surrounded with the burning smell of human sacrifices - and defeated them. It was the end of organised Druidry in Britain.

Thereafter many Celts, especially the younger, brighter ones, became romanised. Paulinus then went on to defeat Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, and became governor of Britain for almost twenty years. This battle took place somewhere in the Midlands, almost certainly in our region. So when you visit us, keep your eyes open!

The Roman empire became officially Christian under Constantine in 324 AD. But Pagans of dfferent kinds continued to pour into Britain from northern Europe. Danes, Vikings,and especially Saxons , settled on the North and Irish sea coastlands, pushing the Celts, both Pagan and romanised, into the uplands of the west. This mixed Pagan heritage is very noticeable in our region. We have the 71 acre hill-top bronze age fort on the top of Titterstone Clee hill, abundant Celtic stone monuments in the hills and lowlands, the splendid Roman city of Uriconium (Wroxeter) which is only partly excavated, and the fascinating and strange AbbotÂ’s Bromley horn dance in Staffordshire every September.

There is very much more of our region's Pagan heritage which could be mentioned. And a great deal more which needs to be discovered.

District & Folk Events: Pending Updates
District Moots:  

Cardiff Moot, 1st Monday of the month, 7.30 pm at the Rummer Tavern, for more information visit us on facebook Cardiff Pagan Federation Moot.

Cardiff, “Coffee-n-Craft” 3rd Saturday of the month 9:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. in Pipi's, 31-32 Caroline Street, Cardiff CF10 1FF. Coffee-n-Craft is a social gathering for solitaries of all paths and those interested in or attending Midnight's Gems to network and make new friends. We welcome pagans of all paths and pagan friendly non-pagans. FFI please email the organiser, Midnight, at

Carmarthen Moot last Thursday 7.30pm onwards. Held at the Get Stuffed Pizza (at the back of Marks & Spencer).. Moot dates are subject to change!  Please contact for confirmation. Susan: 01267 281414 or Paul Rousselle, tel   07872 992162 or

Chester, 1st Wednesday at 7.30pm at The Town Crier, City Road, CH1 3AE. Contact Amanda on 07722133056 or

Etruria, Stoke on Trent, 1st Tuesday at The Holy Inadequate pub, Shelton New Road, ST1 5PE. A Pagan-friendly pub, trad beer and a warm welcome.  Contact Sarah  or telephone her on 01782 915170.

HEREFORDSHIRE PAGAN MOOT.. 1st wednesday of month 7.30pm at Black lion (upstairs event room) 31 Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 3DG. Area's covered Herefordshire, Ledbury, Ross-on-wye & Leominster All pagan paths welcome for Social gatherings, monthly speakers, moot library, Sabbath celebrations,camps and workshops/training courses. £2.00 for speaker fund FFI email Annemarie

Kidsgrove/Stoke on Trent.  Last Tuesday at the Blue Bell, Hardingswood ST7 1EG.  8pm. Talks, quizzes, socials, raffles. Everyone welcome.  £2 for speaker fund.  Contact, Pat, 01782 863532,

Lampeter  1st Sunday at the Cwmanne Tavern, Cwmanne Terrace SA48 8DR from around 7.30pm, An informal meeting of Pagans, Druids, Asatruans, Wiccans, Witches, Shamans, Heathens, Magicians, Muggles, Students, Klingons and anyone else who wants to come along.  Contact Carle at

Ledbury:  anyone interested in a moot in Ledbury and/or surrounding area should contact Oli on 07879 610205,

Llanelli PF Moot every 2nd Monday of the month at the Half Moon pub 71 Wern Road, SA15 1SP from 11 am onwards, children welcome. Please contact Bee on or 07906098284.

Menai Bridge  on the first Thursday of each month, in the Lounge of the Victoria Hotel Telford Road, LL59 5DR, 7.30pm. Contact Gareth on 07872649995 email: or visit

Neath Moot   last Monday of the month at The Highlander, Lewis Road, SA11 1EQ (first roundabout when you come into town) from 7.30.   Contact 07975634990.  For details and maps visit 07975634990 or for further info.

Oswestry  first Tuesday 7.30pm at The Plough Pub, Beatrice Street, Oswestry SY11 1QE.  Regular talks plus seasonal celebrations and rituals. For further information e-mail or telephone Angie or Den 01691 680017 or Darryl 01691 829111

Oswestry  new Moot third Thursday of the month, starting 15 August, 7.30pm in the upstairs room at the Bell Inn, 61 Church Street SY11 2SZ in Town Centre.  A social moot with talks and a warm welcome for everyone. For further details phone Steve on 01691 679066 after 6pm.

Pontardawe  Y Garreg a'r Crochan moot, first Monday 7.30pm at The Pontardawe Inn (known locally as Y Gwachel), Pontardawe, Swansea Valley SA8 4ED.  Talks and workshops. Contact Jude on, phone 07966206536 or visit There’s also a facebook page: Y Garreg A'r Crochan Pagan Moot.

Rhyl  2nd Thursday of the month at the Cob & Pen Pub, 143 High Street, LL18 1UF (right by the bus and train stations) starting roughly 7.30pm, in 'The Waiting Room' directly to your right as you walk in. A  friendly, cosy and informative social moot to meet up with like minded souls and share what we know and love. For more details contact Steve on 01691 679066.

Shrewsbury  Afternoon moot at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, Castle Gates,  SY1 2AE, 2.00pm-5.00pm on either the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month.   Newcomers please contact Stephen Appleby on 07858 225200 or see Facebook page “Shrewsbury’s Pagan Moot” for information.

Stafford 3rd Tuesday 8.00pm at The Shrewsbury Arms, 75 Eastgate Street ST16 2NG. Meet like-minded people for a drink and a chat. £3 when there’s a speaker. Contact Ian, 01785 227471,

Stoke on Trent   Mysteries Group.  2nd Tuesday at the Red Lion, Old Stoke Road, Hartshill ST4 6ES, 8.00pm. Researching the unexplained. Note:  meetings run from September to May, Contact

Swansea Moot  3rd Tuesday, at Mozart’s on Walter Road. 7.30 pm onwards.  For further information phone Cyt on 01792 578309.

Treharris first Wednesday in the back bar of the Colliers Cwtch, Treharris at 7.30. You're welcome to join us for a drink and a chat. Contact Storm on

Usk   3rd Tuesday in the month 7.30pm at The New Court Inn, 62 Maryport Street, Usk,  NP15 1AD.   Ffi Tye at  or telephone 07786-050 700

Valleys Moot  We are in the process of sorting a new location. Contact Richard Blackburn on 07980977515 or e-mail

Wellington, near Telford.  First Wednesday at the Red Lion Pub Holyhead Road, TF1 2EW from 8.00pm.  Open and social moot, all welcome.  Contact Pat French, 07967329909,

Worcester Moot on the 2nd Wednesday of every month 7.30-1100pm upstairs at The Old Rectifying House 9 North Parade, WR1 3NN. A Pagan Moot open to followers of any pagan path, newcomers welcome. For further details please contact Karen on 07920111371 after 6pm or see the Worcester Moot Facebook page.

Wrexham Moot Will anyone interested in a moot in Wrexham, or nearby, please contact Steve.01691 679066,